The Effects of Dust in Your Carpet

Dust. Everyone has it and no one wants it!

It seems like a never-ending battle to eliminate dust.

What is Dust?

Dust is made of small particles from the ground, from fabric, and from your skin and the skin of pets. Gross, right? Mammals like us are constantly shedding little bits of skin, which is why dust is a constant problem.

What are Dust Mites?

Dust attracts dust mites and helps them grow. Dust mites are microscopic creatures that feed off of the skin particles in the dust. They live in carpet, bedding and other places where the dust settles.

I’ve read that carpet can accumulate up to 40 pounds of dirt in a year. If even a tiny bit of that is skin flakes and dander, dust mites are sure to be present in your carpet. Plus, little pieces of sand and dirt can be sharp and begin to break down your carpet’s fibers, which creates more dust.

Why Eliminating Dust is Important

Some people are very sensitive to the waste that dust mites produce. An allergy to dust mites makes vacuuming and dusting unpleasant. However, with regular cleaning, dust and dust mites can be reduced. It’s a catch 22 if you have a dust mite allergy, because cleaning can make you sick, but leaving the dust mites is bad, too.

Avoid the accumulation of dust and dander in your home and carpet with regular cleaning. Our vacuum cleaners have HEPA filters that clean without spreading dust and dust mite waste through the air. And we also dust surfaces using products that pick up the dust rather than letting it become airborne and re-settle on your carpet and other surfaces.

Contact us for a free estimate on regular cleaning. We dust and vacuum every time we visit your home so we can keep dust to a minimum. It’s important to have a healthy home for you and your family!

Watch this blog for more information about filters for vacuums and for your home.

Scheduled Commercial Window Cleaning

With all the construction taking place around Cedar Rapids and Marion, businesses are noticing that their windows are getting dirty more quickly.

One of our regular clients is Quarter Barrel, the arcade/brewery/restaurant on 2nd Avenue SE in Cedar Rapids. We love to clean their floor-to-ceiling windows so guests have a great experience. Their clean windows let in lots of natural light—the only natural light that enters the building.

We’re always happy to hear from our customers, and Chris Ellis, Owner of Quarter Barrel said,

“JJ Cleaning has been keeping the windows at my business clean for almost 2 years now. They do a great job!”

Across the street, we also clean the windows for Blackstock Motorcycles. This retail business schedules regular window cleaning so that their custom motorcycle sales floor looks its best inside and out.

Window cleaning is not something you want to neglect. When we see windows that have been neglected, we often discover issues with broken screens, broken seals, settling and other issues that need repair because they could cause bigger problems in a home or business.

Be sure to check out our website for details on what we clean when we clean windows. And remember to contact us anytime for a free quote!