When Do You Replace Your HVAC Filter?

With household dust as the theme for this month’s blog posts, we wanted to address one important thing you can do to reduce dust in your home. It’s the air filter in your furnace/air conditioner. The filter you use for your heating and cooling unit is important. The basic filters are cheap, but they do little to remove dust and allergens from the air. Consider a higher quality filter with

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The Effects of Dust in Your Carpet

Dust. Everyone has it and no one wants it! It seems like a never-ending battle to eliminate dust. What is Dust? Dust is made of small particles from the ground, from fabric, and from your skin and the skin of pets. Gross, right? Mammals like us are constantly shedding little bits of skin, which is why dust is a constant problem. What are Dust Mites? Dust attracts dust mites and

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Three Reasons to Clean Your Screens

An important part of cleaning your windows is cleaning the window screens. It does not do much good to have nice clean windows if your screens are full of dirt! Here are three reasons we clean screens anytime we clean windows in a home or business. 1. Window screens act as a filter to keep the dirt, pollen, cottonwood fluff and anything else floating in the air out of your

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Scheduled Commercial Window Cleaning

With all the construction taking place around Cedar Rapids and Marion, businesses are noticing that their windows are getting dirty more quickly. One of our regular clients is Quarter Barrel, the arcade/brewery/restaurant on 2nd Avenue SE in Cedar Rapids. We love to clean their floor-to-ceiling windows so guests have a great experience. Their clean windows let in lots of natural light—the only natural light that enters the building. We’re always

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7 Reasons To Get Your Windows Cleaned Professionally

7 Reasons to Get Your Windows Cleaned Professionally When you’re trying to boost curb appeal and sell your home, clean windows are a no-brainer. However, some people will skip the window cleaning expense, potentially losing out on great offers and a quicker sale. It doesn’t make sense! Here are 7 reasons to get your windows cleaned. 1. It gives your home more curb appeal. Your clean windows sparkle and shine in the sunlight, giving a brighter feeling to your home—inside and out! 2. Clean windows allow the sunshine though, allowing warmth and light to come in. This literally puts your home in its best light. 3. Window cleaning is a simple maintenance that makes your home look well kept. 4. Cleaning protects your investment. Not cleaning your windows on a

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Why You Should Have a Professional Clean Your Home Before Selling

When you are about to put your home on the market, it is important to remember that a clean home is more appealing to buyers. It also shows buyers you care about your home and that you took good care of it. Here are a few reasons why you should have your home professionally cleaned prior to selling it. 1. First of all, it takes the stress off of you and saves you time. You have better things to do than scrub those corners, clean windows or polish baseboards! 2. Second, think of the first impression people will have when they drive up and walk in. When a potential buyer walks into your home, it will feel fresh and clean. People actions are always basted on feelings, so you need

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